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Just like our custom kitchen cabinets, at Carolina Kitchen Sync our bathroom cabinets and vanities are made to your specifications from solid wood, right here in South Carolina. Let’s look at some popular options!

Types of Bathroom Vanities

Classic vanity: A rectangular cabinet attached to a wall, featuring a large open space underneath the sink to house the plumbing. It typically has doors to keep the plumbing and storage shelves hidden and drawers for toiletries. Some of the more unconventional ones include:

Wall-hung vanity: A full cabinet or simply a countertop, with or without a skirt, that’s installed on the wall. Many ADA-compliant vanities are of this type because they provide the legroom wheelchair users need to access the sink.

Corner-mount vanity: A small triangular vanity in a corner may have only one door and just enough space to contain the sink plumbing.

Freestanding vanity: This sits against a wall, but it isn’t attached. An antique dresser modified to support a vessel sink would be an example.

Console vanity: A throwback to the old dressing table, a console vanity consists of a sink countertop supported by legs. The space underneath is open with exposed plumbing.

Are There Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes?
Bathroom dimensions vary and vanity dimensions must vary to fit, but there are some standards.

Height: This can run from 30 to 36 inches. Generally, opt for a lower height for the kid’s bathroom or when installing a vessel sink. ADA-compliant vanities should be 34 inches or higher.

Depth: The distance from the front of the vanity to the back wall is typically 21 inches. The countertop usually extends 1 to 1-1/2-inches beyond the front of the vanity.

Width: This dimension is the most variable. Single-sink vanities are typically 30 to 48 inches wide, although small ones may be only 24 inches wide. Standard double-sink vanity widths vary from 60 to as long as 96 inches.

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